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It may seem like a strange proposal that a social media website which uses no follow tags on out bond links could indirectly increase your rankings, though as the Internet expand and more users are running websites and blogs, the value of having exposure on social media networks is growing dramatically. As we already know that a front page story on Digg won’t do much for SEO purpose. However, as more webmasters use services such as Twitter, LinkedIn and social bookmarking sites, gaining front page exposure can create a huge influx of natural inbound links from webmasters linking to your content.

That’s why; setting up a social media presence is becoming more valuable than ever before. It’s no doubt, social media traffic doesn’t switch like search engine traffic, but social media should not be used for conversions to begin with – it should be used for exposing your content to other webmasters.

Setting up a general, spam social media account to get back links from the social media sites themselves is very much old (2007) SEO technique. As we all know social media sites themselves aren’t use much as references. Present SEO techniques rely on setting up legal accounts on all of the major social networks, to establish a trusted community presence, and leveraging that presence for back links from other webmasters. For SEO purpose, it’s important to be aware of that social media sites are to be used to penetrate the webmaster presence within the society.

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Benefits of Online Marketing

The Internet can be said as one of the most suitable way that helps you earn money online. The online marketing business has given a wide opportunity for everyone to earn money and increase their income. You may take the help of Internet marketing professionals in order to earn money online. Go through this article to know about the 3 benefits of online marketing and earn maximum profits.

1. Viral marketing – You may choose viral marketing in order to promote your products to several customers. When your customers feel satisfied by using your products, it is obvious that he will speak about your products to various people and as such, it will help you increase your number of customers. This way, you will be able to earn good amount of profit. The Internet marketing professionals also help you earn money so that you can increase your income.

2. Introduce new communities – The different social networking communities help you to interact with innumerable people and share your views about various things. This way by participating in different communities, you can promote your products and services to several people and, in turn, increase your sales.

3. Affiliate marketing – This can be said as another benefit of online marketing. In affiliate marketing, it is the website owner who puts an advertisement of the products and services of the merchant in his/her website. In return, the website owner earns a small percentage of commission when any customer makes any action on the products/services of the merchant.

Thus, it can be said that online marketing enables you to earn extra money apart from your fixed income. You do not need to have any fixed time to earn money with the online marketing programs. As such, you can make the most use of the leisure hours so as to avail the benefits of online marketing.

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